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Winter Wyrm

I've spent Christmas and New Year holidays designing a winter dragon. I wanted to make a creature that would look both realistic and fantastic, eerie and beautiful at the same time.

One thing in particular I wanted was to square a circle between 6-limbed and 4-limbed dragon. Dragons with 4 legs + 2 wings can have overall very reptilian/serpentine body shape, but the wings then become almost an afterthought, an obvious add-on attached to the back. Dragons with 2 legs + 2 wings are more realistic with wings better integrated into anatomy, but they tend to look like
overgrown bats, sprawling around on elongated crotches.

So in this case, the wings as sail-like structure held by spines emanating from body, attached to the front legs via a single elongated finger. Three other fingers are claws on very lizard-like feet, so when the beast lands, wings are folded into a crest-like shape along the back, and it can slither and wiggle around on all fours like a proper dragon should :)

Luka trkanjec 1 flying


Luka trkanjec 2 glowing


Luka trkanjec 3 frying


Luka trkanjec 4 hex study

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